Brushean Makeup Brush Sanitizer (美國品牌化妝掃消毒機)

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Brushean utilizes a patent-pending design that features UV-C sterilization and Ozone technology that kills up to 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses.

Our custom-designed lift function and dust cover help to store brushes in a safe and clean environment.

Just lift up, slide in your brushes, press the button for a 5 minutes sanitizing session... and voila! Germ-free, dust-free brushes, ready to grace your skin.

When the battery is low, simply plug in and charge its rechargeable battery. It’s simple, sleek, and safe.


Technical details:

- UV Sterilize up to 15-20 makeup brushes.

- UV Sterilize timer for 5 minutes. Battery operated.

- UV-C Wavelength at 253.7nm kills 99.0% effective bacteria and viruses

- Weight 1.4 kG - Dimension 4.5”, Height 13"

- Materials: ABS Plastic, 304 Stainless Steel Anodized Aluminum

- Energy 2200 mAH Lithium Battery



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