Return Policy

產品保養政策 (Warranty Policy)
7天產品退換條款 (7 Days New Product Replacement):

(1) 我們提供7個工作天內產品退換保障於品質出現問題之產品 (不包括人為損壞 或 個人喜好原因)。超過7個工作天後,我們不會接受任何原因的更換要求。(If the product is in physical faulty (DOA), please contact us within 7 working days after your purchase, we would arrange new product replacement (NPR) *this policy does not cover claims attributed to man-made damage or personal feelings/preference; and NPR would be voided if the claim exceeds 7 working days after purchase)

(2) 任何原廠保養之產品,將不提供7天產品退換保障,即使收貨時發現問題,顧客均需自攜到相關代理商/原廠商進行保養。(The 7 days NPR policy does not cover products that are with official manufacturer warranty; customer could contact directly with the manufacturer or their official warranty agent(s) for the warranty service)

(3) 提出退換產品要求起計7個工作天內,如顧客不能配合本公司回收產品之安排,而導致我們未能回收產品,顧客將被視為放棄該要求而無權再申索。(After customer has contacted us for the NPR, please arrange return of the related product to us within 7 working days; otherwise, the NPR offer would be expired irreversibly)

(4) 更換之產品必須連同完整包裝、配件、說明書和附送之贈品(如有)一併退回。(Customer should keep the returned product, its packaging box, all accessories in the box and bundled gift (if any) in good conditions; and then return them all to us for the NPR service)

(5) 如產品已停產以致我們無法安排退換,我們將按照顧客購買時之貨物單價於7個工作天內安排退款。(Refund would be arranged within 7 working days as for the NPR service if the supply of the related product is permanently discontinued)

(6) 如顧客在安排產品退回時,產品因運送時產生的任何問題包括遺失或損毀,請聯絡有關運送公司作出解決方案。我們不會因此而賠償任何費用或更換產品。(If the returned product is lost or damaged during the delivery process that is arranged by the customer, please contact the related delivery agent for the remedial solution, we would not bear any cost of the induced loss and would not arrange NPR service if we could not receive the returned product)

(7) 如產品功能並無問題,而其包裝因運送或存放而產生變形或輕微破損,恕不能按品質問題處理更換。(If the functionality of the product is in good condition; and just little damages on the packaging box that may be caused during transportation and storage, we would not treat this as a DOA. NPR service would not be offered in this case)

It is the policy of FOLiO to ensure that all goods are supplied to our customers in perfect condition and that every possible precaution is taken to protect the integrity of the product that is sold. If you are unhappy with your unused purchase please contact our Customer Service by email to describe the reason(s) of returning the product and instruction on how to return the defective product prior to sending the product for replacement or refund. Items should be in their original packaging condition will all the accessories intact. You will be notified once we receive the returned product. Investigation will take no longer than 7 business days.






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