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Don't leave your friends behind. Invite friends, Shop & Earn!

How do I earn iDollars? - You earn iDollars just by shopping at FOLiO! All you need to do is have an account at and you will automatically earn points with every purchase! Don't have an account yet? No problem, you can create an account when you checkout or you can create your account here - Create your account

Earn 10 iDollars or more with every dollar spent!

You can also earn iDollars every time someone sign up with your referral link.

You earn 2000 iDollars referral bonus when your friend sign up.

Your friend gets 1000 iDollar sign up bonus.


Redeem iDollars for anything found on FOLiO!

Just log into your account and go to view details in your iRewards section. Your account will show you the iDollars you've earned. To spend the iDollars, simply enter the amount in your check out cart. You can redeem as many items as you want on your order (as long as you have enough points!)

Once you have redeemed all the items you want, and added anything you'd like to buy to your order, just checkout like normal. The revised amount will be shown in the invoice.

You may use your iDollars to redeem any product on FOLiO. Do look out for iDollar promotions for more savings!


I made a purchase but didn't have an account. Can I still earn points on it?

Sure! Just create an account and then "Leave a Message" through FOLiO Helpdesk at the bottom of the screen. We will get your points applied to your account.


Earn MORE when you upgrade to Silver/Gold/Diamond tier!

Green: Earn 10 iDollars with every dollar spent

Silver: Earn 12 iDollars with every dollar spent

Gold: Earn 20 iDollars with every dollar spent

Diamond Club: Earn 25 iDollars with every dollar spent


Upgrade to higher tiers with accumulated spending!

Silver: minimum spending $300

Gold: minimum spending $1000

Diamond Club: minimum spending $3000




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