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Many of us have doubts about online shopping... is it safe? am I buying the right stuffs? How to deal with returns if the product turns out different from what I expect? Here are some pointer which we hope to ease your worries.

Good Reasons for Shopping Online

The convenience!

The world-wide selection!

The savings!

Comparison shopping can be more thorough

Avoid physical exhaustion or burning feet

Great convenience if you are handicapped

Save gas and wear on vehicle - or bus tickets and transfers - or (gasp!) expensive taxi fares!

No embarassment if you change your mind at the last minute!

We can go in several directions. Where would you like to explore first?


6 Simple Steps for Shopping Online:

You will find a number of helpful online shopping guides and useful information, and good links on this site, but if we were to boil it down to the most basic outline for those who are brand new to shopping on the internet, then these 7 Steps would be a condensed online shopping guide;

1. Browse or search well for what you want to buy.

2. Decide on which online store to use - the hardest part!

3. Make sure it is the BEST buy and at a SECURE online store

4. Click your chosen item(s) and click on the shopping cart button to fill out form with your payment information.

5. Click "Checkout" button, then wait... a bit

6. When your purchase is acknowledged, print out your receipt as shown on the screen.






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