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Visiting the Red Dot Design Museum is the beginning of your exploration of creative Singapore.  In addition to the design exhibitions and the popular design shop, you can download a mobile app that brings you on a walking trail to the creative interests in the museum's neighbourhood.

A unique Singapore attraction, the Red Dot Design Museum presents the latest trends in the international design scene with a collection of more than 1,000 exhibits in the field of product design and communication design from over 50 countries. The museum is a stage for outstanding design. Every of these exhibits is a winner of the international Red Dot Design Award, one of the world’s leading and largest design competitions.

Every year, design experts from all over the world decide which products, design concepts and communication design works will be on display in the Red Dot Design Museum. They make up the jury for the world renowned Red Dot competitions for Product Design, Communication Design and Design Concept. All entries are tested, discussed and assessed for their innovative design quality based on different criteria depending on their task and purpose. Only the best designs pass through the rigorous adjudication process to receive the coveted Red Dot quality seal - and thus their deserved place in the Red Dot Design Museum.


Open days

Monday to Sunday > 11 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

* Please check "closed days" for days the museum is closed for private events.


Ground Floor, 28 Maxwell Road, Red Dot Traffic Building. Singapore 069120.

Museum email & phone


+65 6327 8027


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